Meet Paulie!

Paulie the piping plover has always had a fear of flying, and this makes all the other plovers ignore him.  One day, he runs away from home.  On his journey, he meets two friends who also fear their natural habitats.  Will Paulie learn how to conquer his fear of flying to help others and himself? Paulie the Plover’s Merry Misfits takes the early reader on an exciting journey that celebrates differences and courage.
                    ~Christy Burbidge, Author

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Hey, we were in the paper!

Play Ball!

Look through the eyes of a mother as her daughter and her team play baseball on a hot Saturday afternoon.  This rhyming book explores teamwork, playing fair, and good sportsmanship.

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Everything is Purple!

What would the world be like if everyone and everything was purple?  Explore a monochromatic world and teach the value of diversity in this sweet rhyming book.

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Shhh!  It's a Secret!

Nolita is sad when her grandpa passes away, but strong memories and a little bit of magic help them stay connected.  Enjoy a story filled with love in

The Secret of the Magic Swing

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